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123 Quai des Chartrons, Bordeaux, France

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Bernd Stöcker exhibition

Address 123 Quai des Chartrons
Opening hours Open Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm and by appointment.

Bernd Stöcker exhibition at the MLS Gallery

Many of STÖCKER’s works occupy strategic locations in the major cities of Germany -Hamburg, Mannheim, Pullach, Munich etc. They constitute as a constructive obstacle, a den, provide a break; they orient and carry sensible thought to reclaim the memory of a mythical and metaphorical event of our existence or history or simply a precious moment of connection to oneself, carved in stone or melted in bronze for almost eternity! This is the case of the young woman of stone, seated cross-legged as on the sand and reading the newspaper open at her side. She is in her splendid nudity. A copy is in Hamburg, a city whose university is since the end of the war partner and friend of the University of Bordeaux. STÖCKER is a great demanding artist, generous and aware of the great collective challenges. Without being a Catholic he made many crucifixions for major churches in Germany (Alternative to his magnificent ICARE, “entangled” in stone). In addition, STÖCKER, a powerful and warm sculptor elected in the 80s the small deserted school of Saint Isidore du Médoc to install a workshop to which, from his house in Bavaria, he migrates regularly during the year. He made beautiful drawings of bunkers sinking gently and irremediably to the edge of the sea, decontaminated in some way by the peaceful life of summer that tamed for decades their tragic shadow !

Marie-Lys Singaravelou