Galerie MLS

123 Quai des Chartrons, Bordeaux, France

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Galerie MLS

Address 123 Quai des Chartrons, Bordeaux, France
Phone 09 63 44 32 86
Opening hours Open Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm and by appointment.

Since 2007, the MLS gallery has been developing an annual exhibition program that allows a dialogue between the works of independent German artists and the public in Bordeaux. Through these exchanges, the MLS gallery welcomes, distributes, accompanies and defends the work of artists to audiences, institutions and collectors. It seems to us that the trajectories of the German independent artists, who have produced works by choosing to live by resisting the injunctions of the cultural policy of the former GDR, have a dialogue on the surface of the canvas, drawing, sculpture, lithography …, history, language and visual arts.

The MLS gallery is dedicated to encouraging the discovery of demanding artists from France, Europe and the world. Their works, off the consensual provocation, the pathos of circumstance, as visual handicrafts without soul, rise to the challenge of a readable step, nourished intuitions and know-how accumulated, and yet new. These works, which crystallize an individual and collective history, send us back to ourselves.