57 Rue de la Rousselle, Bordeaux, France

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Address 57 Rue de la Rousselle
Opening hours Thursday to Saturday, from 3pm to 7pm and by appointment.

[Also referred to as a protruding groove allowing the circulation of air or water in a closed circuit]

An instrument for measuring the landscape. A bounded horizon between the United States and Europe.
[Space], [Panorama], [Circulation], [Border], [Islander]: Alice Raymond traces words with shapes. The coding system reveals geometric silhouettes declined in drawing, painting, sculpture. These language surveys are the result of travels and experiences lived by the artist in surveyed territories, observed furtively or lived permanently.

On January 31, 2019, Alice Raymond returns to Bordeaux after two months spent in Miami. It was not a trip, rather a professional relocation. Another workshop and others paced his work days. Miami, 15h. Alice is sitting by the pool, the reflections of the water sparkle like glitter on the surface of the drawing paper. A tart air, a smell of tropics whispers in our ears graphic forms.

The polyptych exhibition Nervures is the result of a collaboration between an artist and a curator. Nervures is built like a novel. The chapters are linked, a central character lives in each of the landscapes successively proposed in the exhibition. Here at 5UN7, we sail in a fine structure that rises and overhangs us. The sculptures extend a story begun at the Gallery of the same name last September. Small instruments hung in height then indicated a direction to follow. These augurs were already writing a circulation story.

Space determines the artistic practice of Alice Raymond. Its positioning, its multiple trajectories, its always geographical relation to the landscape condition the gesture and intervene in each plastic decision. The artist suggests to us today to split the air of the gallery, to span the space, to circumvent it or to cross it. Soon, the third chapter is written on the horizon, somewhere in Dordogne …

Élise Girardot, February 2019


Born in the Paris region, Alice Raymond grew up in Germany and then lived in Sweden and the United States. His work has been featured in several galleries and art centers in the United States and Europe, including the North Miami Contemporary Art Museum, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, and has evolved into residencies. like AIRIE (Artits In Residence In the Everglades). It is currently the subject of a production partnership with the Bordeaux-based T2i in the framework of the new Innovation and Creativity Pole of FRAC Méca. www.aliceraymond.com

Élise Girardot is an independent curator and a member of C-E-A, the French association of curators. She collaborates with emerging artists by producing exhibitions, performances or texts. After studying Modern Literature, she joined the CCC Research Master in Art (Critical, Curatorial, Cybermedia) at the HEAD, Geneva’s School of Art and Design. Often in situ, his writing or exhibition projects become narrative pretexts seeking to reveal the spaces and places where they are implanted. www.elisegirardot.com