14 Rue Leyteire, Bordeaux, France

Eponyme Galerie

3 Rue Cornac, Bordeaux, France

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Faire du neuf avec du neuf, Ferdinand avec du vin

Address 14 Rue Leyteire
Address 3 Rue Cornac
Opening hours Mercredi - Samedi 14h-19h Également sur rendez-vous

Exhibition open from February 22 to March 21, 2019 at Eponyme Galerie, 3 rue Cornac, Bordeaux.

Opening reception on Thursday february 21, 6PM-9:30PM.


An exhibition gathering 20 artists from very different horizons requested to take hold of 20 very identical supports.

Each one, with a notebook, invited to play…     Play, play, otherwise we are lost! *

With Emmanuel Aragon, Emmanuel Ballangé, Joan Coldefy, Clément Collet-Billon, Patrice de Santa Coloma, Virginie Delannoy, Steph Goodger, Axel Ingé, Mirsad Jazic, Véronique Lamare, Emmanuelle Leblanc, Christophe Massé, Sophie Mouron, Franck Noel, Simon Rayssac, Nina Reynolds, Simon Rulquin, Leïla Sadel, Julien Tardieu et Jeanne Tzaut.

                                                 * Pina Bausch : « Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost. »


Eponyme Galerie – Tel : 05 35 40 07 95 – http://www.eponymegalerie.com/

Collectif 0,100 – Tel : 07 81 72 01 23 ou 06 61 70 23 69

http://collectifzerocent.blogspot.com/  https://www.facebook.com/collectifzerocent

Our thanks go to Boesner Bordeaux.