57 Rue de la Rousselle, Bordeaux, France

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Address 57 Rue de la Rousselle
Opening hours Thursday to Saturday, from 3pm to 7pm and by appointment.

s 0 l a r 1 s / KEVIN BAROIS – VINCENT SARDA / 05.04.19 – 05.05.19

The duo-show “s 0 lar 1 s” proposes to be the place of a meeting between the artists Kevin Barois and Vincent Sarda, invited here for possible affinities related to the withdrawal of the space between matter and the picture.

Kevin Barois’ pieces in volume play at first glance by presenting themselves as copies that prove to be unpublished objects. These tend to approach synthetic imagery by concretely formulating “singularities” and other sidereal / ante phenomena in the form of objects anchored in / extracted from a rural and natural world. Regularly going back and forth, he takes part in routine and seasonal tasks, splitting wood, fences, and so on, from which his actions flow, the basis of a work developed “in” this environment-territory, that it runs and exploits, carrying as it goes “Logs”, “Piquets”, “Taupinières”, “Stumps”, maps, photographs, contacts, fingerprints, transfers and other subtle impressions such as exposed here. The result of a thought and a practice of things linked logically and with simplicity, the work of Kevin Barois is endowed with a quiet solidity, for which reason he would have had his place in an exhibition such as “When Attitudes Become Form”

The paintings of Vincent Sarda develop in the recurrence of a colorimetry and patterns, ghosts-remanent over time. In a way, he realizes his works as a sculptor, combining techniques and tools, by size, softening, adding, removing material, playing with the roles attributed to the line and the outline, the trace and the touch, the motive and the figure, the emptiness and the full, which come to dig, to bite, to deposit themselves, to cover themselves up to the point of fusion. A linguistic ensemble of gestures-figures making information intertwined in a visual material that twists and melts in favor of a show with a sophisticated consistency. Past-present compositions that unfold from a table to a table to gradually form a kind of “perpendicular dimension” that would be visible through windows. A treatment of the moving which is formulated in a disturbing way in Vincent Sarda’s pictorial paintings, which under their frozen appearance continue to produce themselves, at once silent and absorbing.

Kevin Barois and Vincent Sarda create visual objects – at first sight familiar as “paintings” or “pickets” – that come to resist the gaze and reactivate the question of the meeting between a sensitive observer and an intelligible work through the possibility of ‘a landscape. A. Pierné for 5UN7.