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Exhibition Nathalie Salé

In the world of Nathalie Salé, the luxuriant nature is omnipresent: one walks there as in a garden of delights, that of the memories of children, happy or painful, which became mysterious and obscure with the time. Fairies, princesses, monsters, animals are summoned to play the actors of tales, sometimes enchanting, sometimes dark.

These intertwines of plants with shimmering colors, which entwine and interpenetrate in every corner of her works, strangely express the strong emotions of childhood, those which assail, in turn delicious and malicious.
Something is flat, like a malaise so we seek or build a refuge with what nature wants to offer. Cabins without walls where only frameworks remain, buried castles, swarm sculptures, makeshift shelters appear as in the drawings that children remake tirelessly to tell us what they live and feel.

Nature is beautiful in appearance but also cruel for its inhabitants. The lost paradise is not far away. Nathalie Salé comforts or torments us by dragging us into a maze of stairs that leads to a peaceful clearing or a disturbing undergrowth. We do not know if it is she who collects lost animals or if they are the ones who protect her against bad spells. Nothing is ever final in his paintings, We can imagine the worst as the best that makes his compositions captivating. A fragile balance that depends on the place of the canvas where the gaze of the viewer arises.