14 Rue Leyteire, Bordeaux, France

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Address 14 Rue Leyteire
« On n’est pas là pour se faire engueuler… » (We are not here to be given a roasting)  [1] 


EXHIBITION : Emmanuel Ballangé, Mirsad Jazic, Sophie Mouron and their guest, Sadko Hadzihasanovic (Canada).
vendredi 5, samedi 6 dimanche 7 juillet 2019, de 11h à 18h, 14 rue Leyteire, Bordeaux.
PERFORMANCE : July 4th Parade  (inauguration evening of the Weekend de l’Art Contemporain).


0,100 is proud to present its original and unseen manufacture to the public … a distorting mirror of the state of our world.

Under the supervision of its designers and stylists (newly experts in the art of offensive), upon artistic advice of the Admiral who still seeks a house to rent[2] and with the shrewd participation of Sadko Hadzihasanovic.

At least 51 pastiches, paintings, prototypes, art products and martial ornaments, sculptures, special forces creations of all types… a substantial armory of stuff, various gears and paraphernalia, etc.

NB : Prior to the exhibition, a July 4th parade will take place during the official inauguration evening of the WAC.


Precisions : https://www.facebook.com/collectifzerocent/

Image : “Night Watch”, Sadko Hadzihasanovic
[1] Boris Vian, On n’est pas là pour se faire engueuler, 1954 (music Jimmy Walter)
[2] Richard Huelsenbeck, Marcel Janco, Tristan Tzara, L’amiral cherche une maison à louer, 1916