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36000000 mm

36000000 mm

A tour exhibition


The collective 0,100 presents three solo exhibitions linked into a circuit of 3,6km. Three focuses on the work of each of its members, in three different locations, which will allow the visitors to discover the multi-faceted artistic practice of 0,100 (painting, sculpture, photography, collage, drawing, installation…)


From Friday the 15th to Sunday the 17th of Novembre, 2019. Opening hours : 14:30PM to 7PM. In 3 locations :


  • Emmanuel Ballangé

17 impasse Terre Nègre, Floirac (bus 10 et 27 arrêt cours Gambetta)


  • Mirsad Jazic

73 rue de la Benauge, 33100 Bordeaux (bus 10 et tram A arrêt Stalingrad)


  • Sophie Mouron

14 rue Leyteire, 33000 Bordeaux (tram A arrêt Bourgogne)



Joint vernissage Saturday the 16th of November at 7PM, 14 rue Leyteire

More information at 33 6 61 70 23 69